Painting Services

Mohamed Al Reyaysah Technical Services L.L.C

MAR Technical Services L.L.C can guarantee the quality, not only of the products used but also of the services rendered.

Our painting crew and support staffs have the skill and the know-how to beautify the interiors of your home or office the way you might have dreamed. Our professional painters have the experience and skill to make the interior of your home or office look new and fresh again.

24 Hour Helpdesk

The MAR Technical Services’s Helpdesk is operational 24 hours a day and is staffed by our own experienced personnel. The helpdesk is responsible for cradle to grave management of every job we undertake.

We know you don’t have time to chase up every job and why should you? Our Helpdesk team will keep you informed of the progress of each job and will provide you with weekly reports so that you can track the status of the work you give us.

Our helpful, experienced Helpdesk team will give you peace of mind.

Help Desk No: +971 50 764 1649